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The PhD Project was established by The KPMG Foundation in 1994, following the termination of the Minority Summer Institute (MSI) run by GMAC and AACSB. MSI encouraged minorities at the undergraduate level to look at a career in academia, but did not meet intended expectations. With an investment of just $5,000 each, Bernie Milano, then head of recruiting at KPMG, and Peter Thorp of Citigroup, led a process to shift the model and focus on minorities at the graduate level instead. The PhD Project was launched with additional support from GMAC and AACSB...it worked, and continues to achieve great success!

In 2005, The PhD Project once a program of the KPMG Foundation, became a separate 501(c)(3) with the KPMG Foundation remaining as the primary funder and administrator. The Project receives additional funding from many other prominent corporations In addition, we receive significant funding from the academic community including both doctoral and non-doctoral granting institutions.

20th Anniversary Yearbook

This year marks the 20th anniversary of The PhD Project. Our Anniversary Yearbook commemorates the many members and supporters who have contributed to our successful history. We invite you to view and celebrate their achievements.

To increase workplace diversity by increasing the diversity of business school faculty who encourage, mentor, support and enhance the preparation of tomorrow's leaders.

A significantly larger talent pipeline of African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans and Native Americans for business leadership positions.


  • To inform and educate minorities about all aspects of a business doctoral program, and encourage them to follow their dream of becoming a professor;
  • To provide a nurturing support network for minorities as they navigate their doctoral program;
  • To increase the number of minority business professors who can function as role models and mentors;
  • To influence more minorities to pursue business degrees/careers;
  • To increase the number of qualified minority applicants to fill critical positions in the business disciplines;
  • To improve the preparation of all students by allowing them to experience the richness of learning from a faculty with diverse backgrounds; and
  • To reach the goal of a better prepared and more diversified workforce to service a diversified customer base.

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